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Niximera, we provide accurate data flow by integrating for B2B, B2C, C2C, common platforms and more.

Software integration services are essential if your organization is adopting new technology or business processes or implementing new partnerships, as the challenges you face can impact your business results. By attracting industry-specific software engineers, you will seamlessly connect various IT systems with minimized risks and maximize your system's performance. Niximera is here to help with smooth and efficient integrations!

As part of custom software development, IT integration services aim to create a secure, reliable and effective environment that enhances all business operations. Connecting existing and new software, adding new partners to the IT system, synchronizing different platforms and more are the main challenges of integration services. Niximera provides software integration services that ensure system integrity by helping your business perform and scale. Learn more about the software integration services we offer and let's discuss your integration success!

Integration types

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System Integration

The process of building a complex information system, which may involve designing or building a customized architecture or application and integrating it with new or existing hardware, packaged and custom software, and communications.

Provides software solutions for enterprise application integration that connect integration components and manage them as a unified infrastructure, allowing you to improve your business intelligence, increase data accessibility and data integrity, increase productivity and improve performance. Through external integration, authorization through social networks, online payment, tracking software, delivery services and others are continuously installed.


API Integration

API integration services significantly expand your offerings to the end customer. Genisee offers solutions that help combine custom API development (Application Programming Interface), standard solutions and third-party services to achieve higher productivity and efficient workflow for your business.

Whether you need to build, customize, synchronize or integrate APIs, we are ready to deliver a solution designed to meet your specific business needs and make your digital transformation faster, more secure and time- and cost-effective.

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Data Migration and Updates

Changing your business data center capabilities has never been easier. The Niximera team will help you choose the appropriate cloud-based infrastructure provided by cloud service providers such as AWS, Google Cloud or Azure, migrate and run your business. You can transfer everything from applications, websites and storage to entire data centers and we will help you choose and implement the right strategy. We'll also help you quickly and securely implement updates, fixes and new features for your business.

Software Development

Industry-Based Software Integration Services

We help businesses across various industries implement smooth and effective digital transformation. We work with companies worldwide in the transportation, retail, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, franchising, distributorship sectors. Our dedicated team can offer you vast expertise and open-mindedness in systems integration services to help you compete in the global market!

Why should you work with Niximera?

We are constantly improving ourselves by learning, using proven, creative and user-centered practices, and thinking outside the box to develop cutting-edge solutions. By default, we provide our customers with innovative, valuable and tested solutions and system integration services that meet the needs and wants of end users and help businesses thrive! We start by gathering your requirements on how the integration should impact your business results. Getting to know you allows us to create the most effective plan possible for the next steps. This part of the software integration process helps us understand all the factors and risks and possibilities that integration will create for your organization and end customers. Our business analysts conduct research on which we will build our integration strategy. Our experts create the project architecture, combining the two software solutions with high fidelity and data connectivity across the components of your systems, ensuring absolute system integrity. Our software engineers perform system integration testing once the integration process is ready. This allows us to guarantee the quality of the integration deliverables and correct any inconveniences in advance. After the implementation of all integration solutions, we maintain your system with 24/7 support and help it run smoothly and securely, install updates and scale with our DevOps services.

The native mobile and web IoT applications we develop help connect, manage and monitor devices, discover the data they provide and automate business processes.

iOT Company

All integrations with Niximera are planned, programmed and can be reported at any time using Log Monitoring.

We enable our customers to turn their technological ideas into reality and develop Internet of Things software for different types of products and IoT systems. Over the years, we have gained a wealth of experience in this field, and our customers have benefited many times over.

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