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Our company has extensive experience in software development for businesses and is among the leaders in its field. Achieving this level of proficiency requires a professional team, on-hand experience, the latest tools and technologies, and the ability to think outside of the box. Working models are diversified by many years of R&D work and deep calculations, qualified to meet your wide variety of requests. . You can also choose the one that suits you among our working models.

Make my project, deliver it.

The legislation team determines your problems or deficiencies by serving at your location. They prepare the legislation document to infer the cost of your project. Our expert appraisers price exactly what you want and then we present our three-stage offer to you. Our short-term, regular-term or long-term rates are tailored to the urgency of your requests. Then, if we reach an agreement, we start developing the project in our office. We make a preliminary presentation in half the total time we reach agreement. Because you are the one who has the most control over the legislation. We cannot move forward without your feedback.

After receiving your initial feedback, we continue to develop the other half of the project. Maybe if there is a fix or any other idea you suggest, we will implement it and improve it further. Towards the end of the development, a technical analysis report is prepared. Testing begins with the analysis report. Members of our expert testing team transmit the test results to our software developers. Adjustments are made according to the results and the project is presented to you again. Since we provide free maintenance for three months after the end of the project as per our company policy, this period is considered as testing and live testing. After final adjustments, your project is delivered and the annual maintenance agreement is settled. If we agree, you can work with us, if we can't, you can work with another company.

Do My Project
 Hourly Wage Growth
Growth Model
Hourly Wage

Hourly Wage

If you think that your project will not end easily and for a long time, if you know that there will always be new developments or corrections, what do you want to have done? If the software needs to be completed urgently or if the legislation of your project continues to grow day by day, this working model is for you.

Hourly Wage Model

Legislation team provides service where you are and solves your problems. or detect your shortcomings. We start developing the project in our office. We manage the development process of the project with special tools such as Jira or Trello. Your company's official follows the development process. The biggest advantage of the hourly working model is not to qualify a working day as 8 hours. In other words, it provides the flexibility to work 24 hours a day for our office working in 3 shifts. Some days it may work 24 hours, some days it may be 1 hour. The important thing is that the item directed to us at that moment is resolved as soon as possible, no matter what time it is.

Deploy times are planned for projects that require deployment. If you want, you can transfer to the server instantly or once a week. In our hourly wage working model, from our junior staff to our senior full stack developer staff, the code sent to their own branch is checked by more experienced teams before it is transferred to the master branch, and if it is thought that it is a correct or high quality code, that is, a better one cannot be written, the code is transferred to the master branch. This means maximum quality, performance and software speed. The code imported into the master branch will be clean and the best. This indicates the quality of your project.

In the hourly wage model, you do not pay the same wage to qualified personnel and newly started personnel. Your invoice will be issued at the beginning of each month, according to the number of personnel you prefer and the amount of time worked.lyre The arrangement of your invoice is made according to the result of our reconciliation. The data we get from any of the project management systems validates our uptimes. In addition, your project manager staff can keep their own data by making a list of hours and reconcile with our data.

Another advantage is that we take the burden of personnel management, such as maternity leave, sick leave or personnel performance, maternity leave, which people deserve or heavy. Personnel management is a difficult task and we are ready to take on this burden. In addition, the burdens such as finding necessary personnel are eliminated. Your problems are solved without the need for human resources companies or an extra human resources officer.

Educated Working Model

Whether it is a new project or not, we welcome your existing software developer staff in our office for training. At the end of our trainings, you can call them back, if you wish, we continue to develop projects in our office.

Qualified personnel
Trained Work

Working Model for Training Your Staff

If you are going to make a new project and set up a new technical staff, this package is for you. Again, one of our team visits you to understand your project and to create a legislative document. After receiving the legislation, it is determined how much time should be spent for this project, how many personnel should work and what qualifications the personnel should have. We present our offer and if you accept, we start the work.

If you already have personnel, we invite them to our office, if they do not exist or if they will be added to our office. We assign a project manager and start developing your project. At the same time, while your project is being developed, we assign tasks to your staff and start to train them. In this way, after a while, your personnel will receive the right training in the market and they will be able to master the project you want to have done or develop. We minimize the adaptation process and create qualified personnel.

You can call your staff back when the foundations of your project have been laid and your staff can continue to develop without asking us. We do the consulting remotely and you can advance the improvements with your existing staff. If you wish, your staff will stay in our office until the project is over and they can make their development together with us. Appreciation is yours.

In both options, your project will be developed, and you will have trained personnel who have knowledge of the project, have knowledge of the legislation, and most importantly, have a good command of the software market business ethics.

Onsite Consulting

Onsite Consulting

We can provide management in your office by appointing a software manager and a project analyst to manage your software project. In this way, when your project ends, what stages it goes through and how it is documented, all its planning is done by our professional staff. All of our staff are trained by us.

Onsite Development Service

We can employ trained staff for you. Our staff can advance your project by developing under your management team. In this way, you can show the entire service invoice that we will cut monthly, without thinking about things such as personnel insurance, premiums, and salaries. Another advantage is that you will work with our personnel who have been trained by us, who know business ethics well and who are experienced in development. You won't waste time finding qualified personnel.

Onsite Development Service

Outsource Working Model

Your organization's employee resource needs; We provide your analysis, design, architecture, software, test and operation teams with the expert and competent external resources that you need periodically or for a long time. The outsourcing services we provide with our professional staff add value to your company. As an information technology solution provider, it offers flexibility and expandability, and also protects the security and privacy of its business partners.

Outsource Working Model


Outsourcing has been increasing in recent years and has become standard business practice as companies seek to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

We can define outsourcing as a strategic method of distributing some business functions to another person or company instead of performing them in-house. It is often undertaken by businesses that want to reduce costs, have the help of a qualified and experienced team, and therefore save time and focus on key aspects of the company's development.

When developing software, technology or applications, it is critical to find the right fit rather than focusing on the developer's position. Task performance is the most important thing. IT Outsourcing includes a wide range of services from product development to maintenance and support. Businesses often outsource IT to eliminate some or all of their IT functionality or to store and manage data. This solution provides you with the assistance of qualified professionals, allowing you to focus on your company's core functions and strategies. When hiring an outsourcer, it's important to consider language differences and different time zones as they can hinder successful collaboration.


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