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Logo Design
Business card design
Label design
Letterhead Design
Sign Design
Bilboard Design
Exhibition Stand Design
Vehicle Dressing Design
Website Design
Mobile Application Design
Banner Design
Icon Set Design
E-Commerce Photo Shoot
E-Mail Design
Newsletter Design
Flyer Design
Postcard Design
Brochure Design
Poster Design
Web Advertising Design
Catalog Design
Envelope Design
Magazine Design
Restaurant Menu Design
Newspaper Design
Stiker Design
CV Design
PowerPoint Design
Vector Design
3D Design
Photoshop Design
Spotify Design
Youtube Design
T-Shirt Design
Package - Package Design
Bag - Bag Design
Cup Design
Book Cover Design
Invitation Design

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital design is the process of bringing out the look and feel of content that people view and interact with on a computer, tablet, or phone screen.

For digital design jobs, web design is often at the top of the list. Web designer and digital designer don't do exactly the same tasks. So what do web designers do? Web designers get an overall view of how websites and mobile apps will look. Web designers should consider decisions such as a site's layout, color palette, fonts, icons, buttons, and visual themes.

  • * UI / UX rules
  • * Color and typography
  • * Responsive mobile design
  • * Must know interface design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, Sketch
  • * Prototyping approaches
  • * HTML / CSS

User Experience (UX) is a field of technology that includes more than design, but it is commonly referred to as “UX design.” UX is one of the three elements of contemporary digital design. Web design is someone working on a project for a client or employer. tends to move on to the next project, with the designer completing the scope of work and moving on to the next project. UX design is a more iterative process where a UX designer can work for years with a UX team on a particular project or brand.

Digital Media Design covers all processes from managing the produced content to the most appropriate infrastructure. Display technologies and the latest marketing tactics offer us everything we need to deliver our messages to the target audience in the right way.

Graphic design services are just visual services. Promote your company or gain a brand for your company The works are carried out in the graphic design department. While getting graphic design services in the Istanbul web design sector, you can also purchase corporate identity design and web design services.

The activities to be carried out are aimed at discovering students with artistic talents. The infrastructure that allows the transfer of all works of art previously realized with traditional methods to digital media will be available in this workshop.

What is Social Media and Digital Media? Digital media are tools that people use in the internet environment. Social media, which is one of the digital media tools, is a platform where users can create content themselves and share it with other users.