You can reach Niximera customer service at 0 850 532 6459.

Some software development companies do not have software developers. Sometimes they have difficulty in finding personnel. In such cases, they get support from another software company they have a contract with. This support is called information technology partnership.

The knowledge of some software companies or the software developers within our customers may not be enough to develop new technologies. It may not be easy to adapt to new technologies and it is very important. In some cases, they may not know how to develop the legislation that needs to be developed. In such cases, software research partnership comes into play.

Software developed using iOt technologies and allowing many things to be done automatically is called intelligent software. Cooperatives share information and customers by forming combinations on a common denominator. In this way, customer collection occurs and they gain high profits. That's it. Programs that help manage entities are called smart cooperative programs.

It is a collection and payment system that allows payment with all credit and debit cards, can be integrated with all programs and works smoothly.

There is information about our customers working with Niximera, our ever-growing family. Each logo represents one of our customers and we have provided at least one service to each of our customers.

You have special documents that you want to be published on your website. If you do not want these documents to be stolen, reproduced by changing or published elsewhere, document privacy automation is just for you. Documents or photos published on your website are shown as unplayable. This process is done without dropping it.

Niximera has implemented a 3-contracted assurance system as a solution to protect your rights while providing service. Sales contract, legislation contract and 3-month free maintenance contract. With these contracts prepared in the presence of a notary, your projects are both safe and in the event of culling all over Istanbul. Their courts are on duty to protect your rights. Our contracts are prepared as official documents in accordance with the provisions of the law and completely to protect the end consumer, our customers.